February 19, 2021:
I've been experimenting with blinkies! See my graphics page (under the "For You" section). I don't think anyone else will use these particular blinkies, but I posted 'em just for the fuck of it.

I've been thinking about removing all the "Click Grimace to go back" links. You all got back buttons on your browsers, right? Then again, I do love that pixelated Grimace graphic...

Made this part scrollable.

Moved some stuff around, blah, blah, blah...

February 15, 2021:
Working on a page about my favorite band...

February 14, 2021:
Added shrines.html... Maybe some other stuff... It's hard to keep track!!

February 13, 2021:
Added a funnies page (under the "For You" section). I'll be adding more there in the future! Also made a diary page, not sure if I'll use...

February 12, 2021:
IDK where to start... In the process of updating a bunch of stuff! I'm moving a bunch of pages into folders, and it's actually getting a little confusing!! LOL bear with me.